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December 2015


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  Asian twink Joshua is trying to get his foot in the door of Daddy Mike’s company. He knows he’s under-qualified, but comes with a plan of showing Daddy what he can do. And interracial daddy-twink sex is his plan. The gay Asian boy already knows Daddy Mike is looking over his resume, and reading his body language, is preparing for the rejection. So he puts on the sad eyes and prepares to show him what he cannot put on his resume. Joshua has a friend who is already employed by Daddy. So he knows how important it is for…


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Interracial gay sex appeals to this slim Asian gay twink. Jordan is shy but this gay Asian boy loves riding my cock. He may be a twink of few words, but when he gets naked, he speaks the language of gay sex. And today will be interracial gay sex for him and myself.  This horny daddy twink bareback fucking scene starts in the usual horny fashion with kissing and sucking cock. And during interracial gay sex, I love licking ass, I treat my Asian gay boy with some ass rimming. I wanted to feel that Asian hole so I start finger…


Erotic Massage Sex for Daddy Mike

Erotic massage sex is one of Daddy Mike’s favorite gay sex activities. There’s something fascinating about an Asian twink giving daddy an erotic massage. Especially when the extra service kicks in. Asian gay twink Argie invites Daddy to lay down on the massage table and begins to caress him with massage oil. Daddy has been working out in the gym and his sore muscles are beginning to relax as his sexy gay Asian masseur works his magic. Daddy is completely naked and Argie is curious about daddy’s ass staring right up at him. His horny masseur begins ass rimming and…


Gay Sex in Office Keeps Daddy Hard at Work

Gay sex in my office is sort of a common thing when you have a full staff of Asian gay boys. These gay Asian twinks keep daddy hard at work all the time. And when they are slacking off, it’s time for me to crack the whip. I call Gilbert into my office hoping to get a blow job. It seems this Asian gay twink is already prepared to offer gay sex to daddy. When confronting him about his lacking work habits, first thing he says is, “who do I have to sleep with around here to get a raise?”…