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January 2016


Str8 Pinoy Twink Gay Bareback with Daddy

Str8 Pinoy twink Robin comes to Daddy Mike for his first gay sex. Let’s talk about a hot gay bareback fuck and switch scene. This very cute str8 Pinoy twink surely got my daddy juices flowing. Robin is my type of straight Asian boy. And I was more than willing to let him bareback fuck me, as long as I got to fuck him too. Robin seemed to turn all gay when he was with me. We started kissing and he just didn’t want to stop. I guess it’s the mature man interracial daddy sex thing that got him swaying…


Group Sex Discipline

Boss Daddy Mike overhears two of his Asian twink employees arguing in the hallway and decides to intervene. He marches them into his office to lay down some group sex discipline. He suggests they kiss and make up, literally. Daddy watches as the two Asian gay boys do some tongue kissing, and gets turned on. Then he suggests they suck cock and make up. The cocks are all out and now there’s a cock sucking threesome in Daddy Mike’s office. Now that everyone is horny for some gay bareback sex, everyone takes turns fucking and being fucked. And by the…


Erotic Gay Sex Dream With My Secretary

I had the most erotic gay sex dream about my cute gay Asian secretary last night. It’s kind of routine for us to have gay bareback sex now and then in my office. Craig and I enjoy our interracial gay bareback sex when we can do it. But since having that horny erotic gay sex dream about this Asian boy, I’m looking forward to seeing him today. I arrive as usual, Craig has a fresh pot of coffee waiting for me in my office. Sporting a boner under my slacks, and still holding vivid images of my erotic gay sex dream, I…


Freddy Gets An Ass Fuck To Save His Job

Freddy is a bit of a slacker at work. But he seems to always avoid the ax from Daddy Mike with an ass fuck. This is because Freddy knows his soft spot. Freddy gets called into Daddy’s office once again for a stern talking to about his poor time management. Or maybe Daddy Mike is just horny for another interracial gay sex adventure in the office. Either way, they both know this impromptu meeting is going to end up with a bareback ass fuck and cum spewing. So here they are again, face to face and discussing termination. But it’s…