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Asian Boy George Gets The Job

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Daddy's Asians interracial daddy twink gay sex

This cute Asian boy next door type came to the interview completely under qualified. But there was a desperation about him wanting to work for Daddy Mike. He would resort to interracial gay bareback sex to help increase his qualifications. Asian boy George happens to have an attraction to hot white daddies, so lucky for me, I was horny that day and as the interview progressed, he would convince me to hire him based on his Asian gay sex offerings.

After explaining to Asian boy George that he was severely unqualified, his desperation prompted him to insinuate his ability to satisfy me with interracial gay bareback sex at least long enough to show he is capable of the job. The gay Asian twink gets up and walks over to me and gets down on his knees. My daddy twink senses told me this horny Asian boy was about to give me a blowjob.

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Needless to say I did not refuse his offer. I opened my trousers and he went right to work on my big daddy cock. Wrapping his mouth around my cock, he began sucking dick and he did it very well. He certainly got me moaning right away. What a fabulous few minutes of oral sex!

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Asian boy George got so aroused from sucking my cock, he began to take my clothes off. Hell yeah, I wanted to get naked with this Asian gay twink anyway. So I returned the favor and began stripping off his clothes as well. I laid him on the conference table and began my usual fashion of daddy twink ass play. I gave him a rim job, licking and eating ass until we were ready to start bareback fucking.

I think my horny gay Asian twink wanted something more comfortable to get his ass fucked on, so we moved our bareback gay sex activities to the padded chair where he could enjoy my daddy cock up his Asian twink ass.

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By the time I was finished with this Asian boy cutie, I decided he should come back for part two of the interview tomorrow.

Daddy's Asians interracial daddy twink gay sex

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