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Daddy's Asians interracial daddy twink gay sex

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When this cum hungry daddy is horny, the only one who can feed me is an Asian twink. I try to stick to a fitness program, but it’s hard when you have horny gay Asian boys hanging around. And when they are horny for some daddy cock, they just can’t seem to wait.

I asked Argie to help me out withCum hungry Asian twink on Daddy Mike my gym workout. He was certainly willing to help, but that horny feeling just got the best of him I guess. I’m sitting there doing butterflies and feeling cum hungry with 45 pound dumbells and before I can even get to 10 repetitions, this Asian gay boy is feeling up my cock. Next thing I know he’s got my shorts down and giving me a blowjob. And this is what always happens when daddy has twinks hanging around. I tried to keep pumping the iron, but all the blood was rushing to my cock and I had to stop. Argie needed a little coaching on cock sucking. I was getting more cum hungry. He finally managed to get my dick hard, and needless to say, that was the end of my workout. Argie didn’t want to waste much time with oral sex, he peels off his pants and starts riding my cock on the workout bench.

Cum hungry Daddy ass fucking Asian twinkBeing this cum hungry daddy prefers a more comfortable venue to fuck his gay Asian twink, I invited Argie over to the sofa to continue our little gay sex romp. He wanted to do a bit of 69 cock sucking to get me boned up again. And once I was stiff, I bent him over the sofa and bareback fucked him nice and hard. But I felt I was missing something. Ah yes! Daddy wants some ass play! I just can’t get through gay sex without some anal exploration. Not only am I cum hungry, I’m ass hungry as well. I gotta lick ass and finger fuck him at some point. So I took him over to the bed and began my anal sex ritual. Argie doesn’t care, he loves anal masturbation anyway. So after a few slaps on the ass and a few fingers up the pucker, I was back at fucking my Asian boy raw.

When all was said and done, Argie was about to blow his load. And I just did a bit of a workout, and was in need of some protein. My cum hungry mouth needed some jizz. So I lowered my mouth down and caught a few squirts of his cum in my mouth. Let’s not forget the drips all over his sexy abs. I licked up the rest of the cum for good measure.




Daddy's Asians interracial daddy twink gay sex

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