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Doctor Daddy

Jude Takes Doctor Daddy’s Boner Prescription

The adorable Asian twink comes to Doctor Daddy’s clinic quite regularly. Jude is a horny gay Asian bottom boy and he seems to enjoy all the anal attention his kinky doctor administers. One might think he has a medical fetish. So today he’s come for another anal exam from his handsome doctor.     Daddy knows just where to begin. He knows how ticklish Jude’s feet are, so he never misses the testing of reflexes. He zips his medical instrument up his sole, making him giggle. Then Doctor gives him a nice blowjob followed by some finger fucking. While checking…

Daddy's Classics

Daddy Ass Pounds Gay Asian Sissy Boy

When I first hooked up with this gay Asian sissy boy, I thought he was pretty cute, but what I liked most about him was his lean Asian twink body. His skin is smooth as silk, which is a big turn on for me. But I’m not a big fan of the sissy boy mannerisms. No matter, I’m going to have fun with his soft Asian boy feet and then give him a nice ass pounding.     My gay foot fetish desires got me going on Dexter’s smooth ticklish feet. I started licking his soles and sucking toes as he…


George Loves Gay Bareback Sex With Daddy

Asian gay boy George is a cute and horny young power bottom. Before our gay sex adventure, we hopped in the shower together and turns out we just got too horny to wait. So shower and bathtub sex ensued. While this sweet Asian boy hole was nice and clean, I enjoyed rimming his hole before stepping into the bathtub to fuck him. This gay Asian cutie really loves a deep, hard bareback fucking. Things got a little too steamy in the bathroom so we moved to the bedroom to enjoy some ass play. I finger fucked his hole and followed…


I’m Getting Back In Shape

For most of my adult life, I have been somewhat of a gym rat off and on. I’ve always enjoyed a health and fitness lifestyle because it made it so much easier to be active when needed. You never know when you’re going to have to climb a couple dozen flights of stairs or have to run for your life, or even defend yourself armed only with your brute strength. For the first 3 years in Philippines, I lived right next door to a full gym, so it was easy and convenient to stay in shape. But when I moved…


Bathtub Bareback Fucking With Joshua

Joshua loves ass play as much as I do. I love giving, he loves receiving my long tongue in his hole. This made for a great time for gay sex in the shower. But we started off the oral sex with exchanging blowjobs.     Once I got this sexy gay Asian twink all boned up, I flipped him around and began rimming his sweet Asian boy ass. This gay sex in the shower was getting me really horny, I needed to bareback fuck this Asian gay twink. Now I wanted to feel Joshua’s big Asian cock up my ass….


Erotic Pleasures; My First Orgasm

Becoming sexually aware I have always had a deep seeded desire for erotic tickling fetish, particularly boy feet tickling. Of course I discovered it as a boy myself. Where it came from, I would have to attribute to the cartoon comedy duo of Laurel & Hardy. I just know that I have always felt the desire to tickle, and loved being tickled as far back as I can remember (which is about age 5). One Saturday morning I was watching cartoons, and I distinctly remember it was a Laurel & Hardy cartoon where they were punished by being placed in the…


Finding The Asian Twink Of My Dreams

I’m free! After nearly 40 years living in my own prison inside myself, I’ve been released. So far at this point, I’m feeling pretty good about it. I set out to find the Asian twink of my dreams. I rented a small studio apartment, got myself a computer, an internet connection, and I was ready to explore what the gay life was all about. I was drunk on freedom and horny as fuck for some Asian boy sex! I began to go out at night, finding the gay bars, meeting people, telling my story, and I was pretty overwhelmed by the…