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Doctor Daddy

Jude Takes Doctor Daddy’s Boner Prescription

The adorable Asian twink comes to Doctor Daddy’s clinic quite regularly. Jude is a horny gay Asian bottom boy and he seems to enjoy all the anal attention his kinky doctor administers. One might think he has a medical fetish. So today he’s come for another anal exam from his handsome doctor.     Daddy knows just where to begin. He knows how ticklish Jude’s feet are, so he never misses the testing of reflexes. He zips his medical instrument up his sole, making him giggle. Then Doctor gives him a nice blowjob followed by some finger fucking. While checking…

Doctor Daddy

Daddy Plays Doctor With Asian Twink Robin

Playing doctor with a cute young Asian gay twink can be kinky and erotic for any white daddy. And that’s what I’m going to do with the first video in a series of 5 titled “Doctor Daddy”.     Cute sexy Robin is my first patient and I just can’t help but want to kiss this cutie the moment I start checking his heartbeat. Now I want to suck his sweet Asian cock. So I instruct him to strip naked and lay down on the medical exam table. But that’s not enough. I need to finger probe his ass hole…