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Daddy and Idol Tickle and Fuck

It was one of those “Daddy wants to tickle and get fucked” sort of days, so I called Idol to see if he wanted to play. This cute Asian twink is one of those top only boys, and I love the way his Asian twink cock feels inside my daddy ass. So when he arrived I told him I wanted to have some tie and tickle play before I let him fuck me bareback. He agreed and soon he’s tied spreadeagled and ready for my kinky tickle fetish foreplay. I love tickling his feet, so I spent most of the…


Tickle, Fuck and Switch with Gay Asian Nishi

Whenever I am around Nishi’s Asian boy feet, I’m instantly aroused. I just gotta tickle those soft, silky smooth soles. And they are incredibly ticklish, as you will see. I tied this cute Asian twink to the bed spreadeagled and naked for some hot tickle fetish fun. I brought out my collection of tickle tools such as feathers, hair brush, and some homemade finger points. I drove this ticklish gay Asian boy nuts. Then when I was good and horny, we began a bareback fuck and switch. I sucked his cock till it was hard then rode it for a…


Daddy, Alex, and JR

Alex brings his formerly straight friend JR over for a daddy twink threesome. These two Asian boys have been fucking each other for a while. But JR rather enjoyed his last video with me, and wanted to try a gay sex threesome. He said he was straight the last time, but looks like he’s made the conversion. So of course Alex is one of my favorite tickle boys, because he is so very ticklish. And that turns me on big time. So after some tickle play and cock sucking, we started our bareback fucking threesome.    


Daddy, Robin, and Nishi

I’ve got the hot sexy Asian twink Robin who claims to be straight, along with cute ticklish gay Asian boy Nishi for another interracial gay sex threesome. These two Asian boys had me boned up so hard, and they made sure I stayed that way. We enjoyed an oral sex three way and while sucking cock, I couldn’t wait to fuck and be fucked bareback by the two horny Asian twinks, So first I mounted my cock into Robin. It’s been a while since he’s had a cock in his ass, because he was clenching up and tight as hell….


Daddy, Andrew, and Russel

Two of my cute Asian twinks were spending the weekend with me and we had a great time in bed. It was interracial gay sex threesome all weekend long! Russel and Andrew were cuddling with me and of course things get a bit horny as we start kissing and stripping naked. It was time for a bareback fucking fest and we certainly did a lot of it. We took turns fucking each other, mixed in with some foot fetish and tickling to keep me hard. The gay sex threesome was an entanglement of daddy and twinks fucking, sucking and ass…

Daddy's Classics

Tickle Fetish Fuck With Enrique Madera

Filmed in 2008, this daddy twink classic features the delicious Asian gay boy Enrique Madera and Daddy Mike. This is among the very first Daddy’s Asians videos. Daddy Mike can’t wait to get this gorgeous Asian twink tied down for some intense tickle torture play. Daddy gets his rocks off while tickling cute gay Asian boys, and it shows he’s really into Enrique. The ticklish Asian twink gets his feet tickled good as daddy finishes him with some upper body tickling.   Enjoy this free sample clip       With all this kinky gay sex foreplay, both daddy and…


Daddy And Robin Cum Clean

My favorite Asian straight boy Robin seems to be gay only for Daddy. I swear this cute slim straight boy loves kissing. But I found out he also loves getting bareback fucked by daddy. So I invited him over to have some gay sex in the bathtub with me. Of course I had to pay close attention to his ticklish boy feet. And after some male foot worship and toe sucking fun, we began bareback fucking. We did some fuck and switch, and I am really getting to enjoy when this twink fucks his daddy. We finished up with me…