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Accountant Blackmails Daddy for Gay Sex

Jordan is the company accountant and he noticed some accounts are out of balance. He’s a horny gay Asian twink who has the hots for Daddy Mike. But Daddy hasn’t responded well to Jordan’s flirtatious ways. So this slim Asian gay boy decides he’s going to blackmail daddy to get him to have interracial gay sex with him.       Jordan rings Daddy Mike and tells him of the imbalance and suggests he come to his office to show him the paperwork. Daddy is nervous because he knows he’s been fudging money from certain budget accounts. Jordan begins to…


Asian Boy George Gets The Job

This cute Asian boy next door type came to the interview completely under qualified. But there was a desperation about him wanting to work for Daddy Mike. He would resort to interracial gay bareback sex to help increase his qualifications. Asian boy George happens to have an attraction to hot white daddies, so lucky for me, I was horny that day and as the interview progressed, he would convince me to hire him based on his Asian gay sex offerings. After explaining to Asian boy George that he was severely unqualified, his desperation prompted him to insinuate his ability to…

Daddy's Classics

Tickle Fetish Fuck With Enrique Madera

Filmed in 2008, this daddy twink classic features the delicious Asian gay boy Enrique Madera and Daddy Mike. This is among the very first Daddy’s Asians videos. Daddy Mike can’t wait to get this gorgeous Asian twink tied down for some intense tickle torture play. Daddy gets his rocks off while tickling cute gay Asian boys, and it shows he’s really into Enrique. The ticklish Asian twink gets his feet tickled good as daddy finishes him with some upper body tickling.   Enjoy this free sample clip       With all this kinky gay sex foreplay, both daddy and…


Daddy And Robin Cum Clean

My favorite Asian straight boy Robin seems to be gay only for Daddy. I swear this cute slim straight boy loves kissing. But I found out he also loves getting bareback fucked by daddy. So I invited him over to have some gay sex in the bathtub with me. Of course I had to pay close attention to his ticklish boy feet. And after some male foot worship and toe sucking fun, we began bareback fucking. We did some fuck and switch, and I am really getting to enjoy when this twink fucks his daddy. We finished up with me…


Freddy Gets An Ass Fuck To Save His Job

Freddy is a bit of a slacker at work. But he seems to always avoid the ax from Daddy Mike with an ass fuck. This is because Freddy knows his soft spot. Freddy gets called into Daddy’s office once again for a stern talking to about his poor time management. Or maybe Daddy Mike is just horny for another interracial gay sex adventure in the office. Either way, they both know this impromptu meeting is going to end up with a bareback ass fuck and cum spewing. So here they are again, face to face and discussing termination. But it’s…